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A foldable tiny location which is a semi-fictionalised version of where I live, for the Pocket Places jam and also the Markdown Jam.

This is meant to be printed onto A4 paper and folded as per Pocketfold
- in other words, in half lengthways, then in half again, then fold the two inner flaps in on each other, and magic, you've got a little booklet.

The scaffolding has come down now, this is not a good burglary guide. The robot vacuum is still here, as it will be forevermore.

Also now included is Markdown source for the booklet, and an HTML version which can be viewed as a normal web page, or printed using your browser's "print" dialog to appear as a Pocketfold booklet. Try it out! Download the HTML, open it in your browser and hit ctrl-P (or cmd-P). You should be able to save to a PDF depending on your OS, too. You should probably turn margins, headers, and footers off when printing, or it won't fold properly and/or will look terrible.

There's now a web version of this convertor - click here (very alpha at time of writing)

One advantage of doing things this way is that you can print on any paper size you like - A4, US Letter, whatever. The original version was done with Affinity Designer which meant I had to start with a fixed size, and an A4 booklet printed on US Letter will need trimming before it can be folded (and vice versa).

To make the HTML, I wrote a script which you can find at https://github.com/ordinalM/md-chapbook - it can be used on the command line but there is also a web version (see above).

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