A downloadable tileset

This is a pack of tiles for Hex Kit that I developed for use in my own games and am releasing for general use.

Tiles are split between background hexes and features, so that you can have a coloured background layer and simply turn it off to publish a map as B&W.

There are also a lot of road tiles in different colours. I was frustrated that a lot of tilesets didn't have roads at all or they were limited in scope - these go up to a six-exit hex. They can also be used for arbitrary borders too.

Building icons are generic blocks and can be used for any genre - they includes tower blocks, which was something I missed for use with high-density modern or sci-fi urban environments.

Licence: you are free to use these assets for any purpose apart from just reselling them unmodified. Maps made with this pack can be used for any purpose, commercial or not. I would appreciate a link back but it's not required.

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AuthorOrdinal M
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hk-ordinal-simple-0.1.zip 1 MB
Sample map in hexkit format 17 kB
Icosohedral map example in hexkit format 1 MB

Install instructions

For use with Hex Kit: download and unzip the file into the folder that you keep Hex Kit packages in, then install via Hex Kit. It will appear as "HK-Ordinal Simple" in tileset selection.

Development log


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This is great! I've been looking for something like it.

I'd recommend to use them together with the "Old Skool Hand Drawn" tiles here on itch https://vickyradcliffe.itch.io/hex-tiles-old-skool-hand-drawn